Hospice Care Service

Our children’s hospice is a specialised care setting dedicated to children with palliative care needs.  The care and support we provide to families at LauraLynn House is as follows: 

  •  Respite Services

Respite Services provide short-term planned breaks for the child and family. Respite can be for day and/or overnight.

  •  Transitional Care Services

Transitional Care provides an opportunity for families to adjust to the transfer of their child from the children’s/maternity hospital to home. This can be up to a 6 month placement during which we will work with families to ensure that supports are in place and that they are empowered to care for their child at home. If appropriate, respite and crisis care services are available following discharge from transitional care.

  • Crisis Care

Crisis Care provides immediate placement for children in the event of an emergency within a family. Families can contact the hospice at any time, day or night if in crisis to ensure that a ‘life-line’ is available, if required. Following crisis admissions a member of our team will liaise with the family to follow-up on needs.

  •  End-of-Life Care

This refers to the care for a child in the last few weeks/days of their life. We aim to ensure maximum physical comfort for the child and emotional support for the child and family. The nature of the illnesses can be long and protracted which can mean that the child may experience more that one acute phase in their lives during which they could die. Emotional support for the child and family is vital at these times.

  •  Palliative Care

Palliative Care is an active and total approach to care, embracing physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements. It focuses on enhanceing the quality of life for the child and providing support for the whole family.


Residential Care Service

Residential care is currently provided to a small number of families of children with life-limiting conditions, where the family cannot provide that care within their own family home. This may be provided on a part-time basis, where the child spends part of the week at home and part of the week in residential care.  It also maybe full-time where the child’s main residence is at LauraLynn and where possible the child goes home for week-ends and holidays to their family.

Our residential care service is no longer available for new admissions in keeping with current strategy and national policy. We will continue to support and care for a small number of young people who have been residing at LauraLynn for many years.

You can find more information on our Family Care Provision here.

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