Our hands on care will deliver planned respite, transitional, crisis and end-of-life care to children and their families with a life-limiting condition. We envisage to offer respite between 8am and 10pm which can be the busiest time for you and your family.  You can have a much needed break and have the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and other children, do errands, attend appointments or simply have a rest.

Respite Care

LauraLynn@HOME will provide specialist respite care in your home, enabling you to take a break. This time can be used as you wish.

End-of-Life Care

When your child is at end-of-life, LauraLynn@HOME will endeavour to provide more intensive support. We will work closely with other agencies, so that you may continue to care for your child at home during this difficult time.

Nursing Care

During visits, our nursing staff will be able to administer prescribed medication and respond to the complex care needs of your child. They will also be able to assess and provide advice on symptom management. They will also talk to others involved in caring for your child.

Play and Stimulation

Play is an important part of every child’s life. Where appropriate, we will try to spend some time actively playing with your child and making memories. We will let your child guide us through our range of arts and crafts, toys, stories, music and sensory and therapeutic equipment.

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