Supporting LauraLynn this Christmas 

There are many ways your company can support the work of LauraLynn this Christmas, here are just a few suggestions below but feel free to add to the list!

Christmas Cards

  • Use our Christmas cards to send to your clients – we can have them overprinted with your individual message
  • Our E-card is a perfect way to email all your clients to say you’ve made a donation to us instead
  • Sell our Christmas cards in-house

Set up a stall in your office – in the lobby or the canteen

  • Have your staff run a LauraLynn “shop” for a day
  • All our lovely merchandise is available for you to sell – teddy bears, cards, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations

Give a gift to your staff

  • Give a gift of difference this year to your staff – what about adding a Christmas decoration and some wrapping paper from LauraLynn to your staff’s annual Christmas gift?

Christmas party ask

  • Have a raffle or a fundraiser at your Christmas party. Some ideas from other businesses include having a silent auction – leave some blank envelopes on the table, raffle off some gifts received by the company for a good cause.

Christmas jumper day

  • Get in the festive spirit with a Christmas jumper day and ask all staff to make a donation to LauraLynn
  • Pick a fun day to wear your jumper – the day of the Toy Show, last day of November, or December 8th to mark the official start of Christmas!

Sing for LauraLynn

  • We love to sing here and we love to get others to sing along too! If you have a choir, great, if not, here’s your chance to create one and get into the spirit of the season with some jolly Christmas carols!


If you like to support us this Christmas, please contact Claire on 01 289 3151 or 

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