6 Common Misconceptions About Children’s Hospices

19 Oct

1. Children’s Hospices are where children go to die

Although some children come to LauraLynn in their final days or weeks, there are many more who are known to us over many years as their life-limiting condition progresses. Children with a life-limiting condition and palliative care needs can be referred to LauraLynn at any stage from their diagnosis.

2. They are sad, depressing places to work

On walking into LauraLynn, people frequently say it’s not at all how they imagined it would be. In fact, it’s a bright and fun place, filled with laughter, magical experiences and activities going on. There can be very sad and difficult times but a large part of what we do is helping families make the most of every moment together, and creating lasting memories.

3. Most children in Hospices have cancer

On average, about 7% of the children who attend LauraLynn have cancer. Other life-limiting or threatening illnesses include heart conditions, neurological degenerative illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, all sorts of unusual genetic diseases and metabolic problems. The range of problems is much wider than those encountered in the adult hospice world.

4. Support from Children’s Hospices does not extend to the family

At LauraLynn we understand that the whole family is affected when a child has a life-limiting condition and that the whole family needs care and support. We provide a range of support services to help them throughout the course of the child’s condition and in bereavement. These supports are offered to the entire family, giving extra consideration to parents, siblings and close extended family members like grandparents.

5. Working in a hospice is not rewarding

It’s a privilege to meet the amazing children who need our care—we call them superheroes—and get to know them and their families. They are going through the most difficult experiences you can imagine and being able to help them through those times is hugely rewarding for staff throughout the organisation.

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