Children medically diagnosed with a life-limiting condition can be referred to LauraLynn for admission for specialist respite, transitional care between hospital, home or for end-of-life care.  All our care for families is free of charge.

Criterion for Admission to LauraLynn

Our core criteria are that the child should:

  • Be under 18* at the time of referral.
  • Have a medically diagnosed life-limiting condition and fall within one of the ACT/TFSL categories and requires or needs palliative care.
  • There is a strong possibility of the child dying before the age of 18.

Please note, parental consent is required for the referral to be made, together with consent to obtain medical information about the child (or young person) from a paediatrician and/or GP.

*Young people referred at 16 years of age and over are considered individually depending on whether they are entering the final phase of their life and there are no alternative services available to match their choice of place of care.

Limited life expectancy in a child is defined as being the result of any condition, on its own or in conjunction with others, which makes it unlikely that the child will live beyond their (late) teenage years. Due to the nature of life limiting conditions, our criteria our flexible and we always consider children and families on an individual basis.

Urgent Referrals

These can made at any time and we will respond quickly. Ring LauraLynn Reception on 01 2993151 and request to speak the Clinical Nurse Specialist or Doctor. For out of hours, ring LauraLynn House 01 268 6666 and ask to speak to the Care Coordinator/Shift Leader on duty.

Who can refer?

We accept referrals to us from families, medical professionals, GP’s, Public Health Nurse’s, Early Intervention Teams  or School Teams.  Following receipt of a referral, we always request information from those involved in your child’s care such as, medical reports, social work reports and therapy reports.


Who can Refer



Download Referral Form

On receipt of the form, we will request Medical, Social and Therapy Reports and our interdisciplinary team will review your case.

You can download the following the Referral Form

Further Information: E: T: 01 289 3151 F: 01 289 9972

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