Hospice Care Service

Our children’s hospice is dedicated to caring for children with palliative care needs and their families. The care and support we provide to families at LauraLynn House is as follows: 


Family Support

We offer family support programmes that allow families to be together as a family unit, to have fun together, to meet other families in similar circumstances, and support them along their journey.


Symptom Management

Families may need support to manage changing symptoms. Evaluation and management of a child’s physical, psychological, and social distress improves the quality of life for the child and family.


End-of-Life Care

LauraLynn’s Hospice Care Team works with the child’s primary medical team, community services (community palliative care, primary care, and the Children’s Outreach Nurses) to ensure the family’s wishes for location of death are met where possible – at LauraLynn House, at home, or in the hospital.


Bereavement Support

The aim of LauraLynn’s bereavement support is to assist families in their experience of loss during a child’s life; beginning at the point of acceptance to LauraLynn’s service, throughout the course of their condition, around the time of the child’s death, and in the weeks, months, and years that follow. There are services to support the entire family including extended family.


Direct Care

Planned Short Break Stays

Planned Short Break Stays provide short-term planned breaks for the child and family ranging from a couple of hours in the family home to several nights at LauraLynn House, our purpose-built hospice building.

Unplanned Short Break Stays

Unplanned Short Break Stays provide immediate placement for children in the event of an emergency within a family. Families can contact the hospice at any time, day or night if in crisis.

Step-Down Care

Step-Down Care provides an opportunity for families to adjust to the transfer of their child from the children’s/maternity hospital to home. We work with families to ensure that supports are in place and that they are empowered to care for their child at home. If appropriate, Planned and Unplanned Short Break Stays are available following discharge from Step-Down Care.


Disability Care Service

LauraLynn Disability Services are currently provided to a small number of children and adults, where the family cannot provide that care within their own family home.

Comprising Willow View, an adult residential service, and Hazel House, a residential and respite service for children and adolescents, we strive to provide a homely setting that promotes the privacy, dignity and safety of each child and adult. While we are no longer accepting admissions to our residential care programmes, we are committed to supporting the children and adults in our care.

You can find more information on our Family Care Provision here.

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