Our Funding & Governance

LauraLynn is financed through the generosity of public donations for our children’s hospice care service, while the HSE funds our adult and children disability service under a Section 38 grant.

We take the commitment and trust of our donors and funders very seriously and we honour it by providing clear and transparent information about how we raise our money, how we account for it and how we spend it.

Here’s how our money was spent in 2016…


Thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the public and business community, in 2016 we raised €3,370,791 to provide our children’s hospice care services.

Here’s where the money came from in 2016…

More information can be found in our 2016 Annual Report.

LauraLynn publishes its financial accounts annually.  In the absence of statutory reporting standards for charities in Ireland, our financial accounts are prepared in accordance with UK best practice, SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice).

We are fully transparent about our finances and adhere to Irish Charities Tax Research Ltd (ICTR) Guiding Principles for Fundraising and the Charities Regulatory Authority Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public as well the HSE Compliance Statement for Section 38 Agencies and the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary & Charitable Organisations.

No top up payments are made to LauraLynn employees. LauraLynn Board members and the chairman of the Board are volunteers and donate freely of their time, skills and experience.

Further information is available in our annual reports, which are available to download below. If you have any queries about our finances, please contact Sarah O’Callaghan at 01 289 3151.

Our Annual Reports

Download our annual reports and Financial Statements.   

2016 Annual Report – Interactive PDF

2016 Annual Report – Printable Version 

2016 Financial Statement

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Financial Statement 2013  

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