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Our Values



1.  Every child* and family member is treated with respect and dignity.
2.  The child and family will be offered an individual care and support plan that is built around their unique needs.
3.  A multi-disciplinary team will work together to support the family, and communicate with the child and family in an open and honest manner.
4.  Children and families will always be listened to, and be encouraged to talk through their wishes and care choices.
5.  At all stages of care, from diagnosis to death and bereavement,families will be provided with accurate and relevant information that they can understand.
6.  Where possible, children will be cared for in the family’s place of choice—in hospital, a hospice, or at home.
7.  Emotional, psychological and spiritual support will be offered to the child, and those close to him or her.
8.  Children and young people will be given the opportunity to access education and employment that is right for them.
9.  The child and family’s wishes concerning end-of-life care should be discussed and planned for well in advance.
10. Support and care will extend to all family members, friends and all those involved with the child.


* The term ‘child’ refers to any baby, child or young person with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition.

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