Beth’s Big Balloon Race

16 May


Beth’s Big Balloon Race – Monday, 16th May 2011

Help Raise Money for Ireland’s First Children’s Hospice

Dangan National School, Summerhill, Co. Meath 1:30 pm

 Balloons and birthdays.  Birthdays and balloons.  They go together so well.  So what better way to celebrate a birthday than a balloon race!  Beth Prendergast, of Summerhill Co. Meath, died at the age of two after a long and difficult struggle against a rare form of leukaemia in July 2009.   On what should be Beth’s fifth birthday, Beth’s Big Balloon Race will be held as a tribute to her life and a fundraiser LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.  By sponsoring a specially tagged helium balloon at €10 per balloon, you can help to raise funds as well as have a chance at winning €500.  

             Our goal is to help Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Foundation raise money towards the provision of services when LauraLynn House opens summer.  In Ireland, over 1500 children and their families are living with life threatening or life limiting conditions and yet there is no children’s hospice available to support them. The Foundation, together with the Children’s Sunshine Home of Dublin, are working now to build a ‘Home from Home’ where a dying child can receive respite care or when necessary, spend his or her last days together with parents and siblings in a warm, caring environment whilst receiving full medical support. The 350 children who die each and every year across the country need your help.

             Beth’s Big Balloon Race will use fully biodegradable balloons which will be numbered and released from Dangan N School in Summerhill at 1:30pm on the 16th May 2011.  Any tag found requests that we be contacted so that we can track the balloons.  The sponsor of the balloon found to have travelled the furthest will receive the €500 prize.  Sponsorship sheets will be collected on the 14th May to ensure all sponsors take part in the balloon race.  If no balloon tags are returned by the 16th June 2011, all sponsors’ names will be entered into a draw and the winner randomly chosen.

             In order to sponsor a balloon or if you find a balloon, please contact Kim or David Prendergast at 046-9558435 or 0868803419 or email

             You can also visit the following websites where you can donate online:    or

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