The Children’s Sunshine Home would like to formally welcome the recent report by HIQA following the first inspection of the disability service for children and young adults with an intellectual disability. The purpose of the inspection was to assess compliance with the Health Act 2007.

As a part of the inspection, HIQA inspectors met with both residents and staff members. We were delighted to receive praise from the inspector in terms of the overall quality of the service at the Children’s Sunshine Home. It was noted in the report that “Inspectors found evidence of good practices across all nine outcomes monitored. Residents were familiar with staff, and were supported to make choices in accordance with their needs, interests and capabilities.” Areas of non-compliance were noted by inspectors across the nine outcomes and The Children’s Sunshine Home have already undertaken actions and will continue to do so in conjunction with HIQA and other bodies to ensure we are fully compliant in the coming months.

It was noted that the areas of non compliance were mainly in relation to documentation issues and steps have already been taken to rectify this. For your information, here are some of the highlights: documentation (e.g., we should document a record of the social activities that individuals engage in and their occupational goals), procedures (We must now ensure that the residents in our services have their own bank accounts so that their money is readily accessible), restraints (As a health and safety precaution we have bed rails on all of the beds for children- called ‘restraints in HIQA terminology’)

The Children’s Sunshine Home has detailed to HIQA the steps that have been or will be taken to ensure full compliance is obtained. The following documents will provide details of the report itself and some helpful FAQs to help understand the outcomes within.

Children Sunshine Home Hiqa Report 3282-.2014

CSH HIQA inspection FAQs August 2014

The recommendations are very important to us in achieving our aim of delivering the best care to our residents.  Our team are currently prioritising the areas for development. Please forward your suggestions, queries or concerns regarding the report to


August 2014

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