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6 Dec

Help us support a bereaved family this Christmas

It was Christmas Eve 2014 when one of our nurses approached the Curran family door with a special gift to deliver to parents Tara and Derek. Facing your first Christmas after your child has passed away is hard to imagine. How are people still carrying on as normal – have they all forgotten?

But a child like Erin Curran will never be forgotten. Not by us. 

The special gift was a framed word butterfly with Erin’s name in the centre. And surrounding it were lovingly chosen words to remember some of the most precious moments her family shared with her. Precious moments her family were able to share with her. Precious moments that were only possible because of LauraLynn.

You can’t imagine what it meant to see all those precious memories captured. To see her remembered by people who loved her… words can’t capture how much it lifted us that day...” said Erin’s mum Tara.

Erin Curran was 9 months old when she was diagnosed with Miller-Dieker, a rare syndrome that deletes the chromosome responsible for brain growth. But Erin was more than just her life-limiting condition. She was a little girl who always had a smile for you. A girl who filled the rooms of LauraLynn with joy. A girl who inspired us all with her strength.

Without support LauraLynn couldn’t have given Tara and Derek Curran the chance to spend time with their amazing little girl Erin, not as her full-time carers, but as Mum and Dad, building special memories together.

According to Tara “It’s because of Lauralynn we had so many good days and really special times with Erin. I don’t know how any family would get through this without them.” 

Read more about Tara’s journey and the inspiring life of her little girl Erin here.

This Christmas we really need your help.
We need your help to remember special children like Erin. To reach out to heartbroken parents, like Tara and Derek and let them know that we are still here for them. 

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Please will you give as generously as you can.

Erin's Butterfly

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