EasyDNA & HomeDNAdirect Supporting LauraLynn

28 Nov

EasyDNA & HomeDNAdirect supporting LauraLynn in their Birthday Fund Appeal.

EasyDNA and HomeDNAdirect are DNA testing providers with over 10 years’ combined experience working in the field.  They specialise in paternity and relationship testing, baby gender, genetic predisposition, weight & wellness and ancestry tests.
EasyDNA and HomeDNAdirect have kindly chosen to support LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, as part of their global corporate philanthropic venture to help charities in their company’s locations worldwide.This Christmas, they have donated towards our special ‘Birthday Fund’ and funded two Fold Up Massage Mattresses.         
Donating towards our Birthday Fund means that when any of our children or young people celebrate their birthday here with us, we can help them celebrate in style with their friends here in LauraLynn!  We use the funds to personalise each little ones birthday with cake, treats, games, balloons and birthday decorations.The fold up Massage Mattresses are compact and comfortable, folding up for ease of transportation and storage. 
They are perfect for our LauraLynn@HOME teams to bring on the road.  It is extremely versatile and can be used on the floor, on top of a bed or on a chair, and would provide great stimulation and often provides a very soothing and calming feeling for the children using it.We are so grateful for this wonderful support and look forward to working with EasyDNA and HomeDNAdirect in the future!
For more see HomeDNADirect.ie
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