Foxrock Patchathon

Foxrock Church

4 Oct

Every two years Foxrock Youth Club stages a 24 hour event to raise money for charity in an event designed for everyone in the community to come and join in and enjoy. Previous events have seen us build Ireland’s biggest cardboard house, and carry out Ireland’s first space launch, putting not one but three purpose built houses into the atmosphere by balloon power.

This year the FOXROCK PATCHATHON will take place – they plan to wrap Foxrock church in flags made from patches that you create.  We’ll provide the patch, you decorate it in whatever way you choose, with an emblem or design that means something special to you, and we’ll help you add it to the flag and mount it on the walls of the church.  We’ll collect your story too if you like.  The idea behind the Patch is that it represents something important or special to you – it might be a special person you admire, a place you love to visit, a special happy memory, a favourite film, the football team you support or even your favourite food!

On the weekend there will be entertainment, games, BBQ,prizes, music, dancing and who knows what else.

The money raised will go directly to Blackrock Hospice and LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. These are local charities which were chosen by the Youth Club members.

As well as the very important fund-raising aspect of the event, it is also all about community participation and having great fun.  The goal is to involve everyone from toddlers to great-grandparents and the event is specifically designed so that everyone can participate.

How can you help?

Patchathon 2014 will take place over 24 hours at the Foxrock Parish Pastoral Centre on the 4th and 5th October 2014.

Get in touch if you would like to help us or get involved. You can reach us by email at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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