Sheep Shearing Record

Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

1 Aug


On 1st August 2015, Roy Collier will attempt to set a 9hr lamb shearing record under ISSA rules. His aim is to shear 600 lambs in 9hours (1 sheep every 54 seconds for 9 hours). Shearing will be carried out under strict rules overseen by 3 ISSA judges checking quality of work, animal welfare and that all ISSA rules are adhered to.  All proceeds of the day will be divided between LauraLynn and Jack&Jill. Shearing will take place from 6.30am-6.30pm, which includes time for Roy to eat and drink! Intense shearing like this is the equivalent to Roy doing 2 full marathons back-to-back!

Also throughout the day we will have lots of other family activities going on. These include:

Teddy Bear Shear – A competition where children get up on stage and pretend to shear a teddybear provided. Classes will be for held for different age categories and will start at 4.30pm

Speed Shear – Fast and furious entertainment where some of the countries top shearers will compete to shear 1 lamb only each as quickly as possible. Entries through ISSA and competition will take place at approx 7pm

– Artist Allison Finegan will supply lots of talent – her own slate work will be on sale, she will provide materials for children to paint on, and also will be doing face- painting

Artist Bruce Copeland will have his artwork on display for sale & will be donating 50% of profits from the day to LauraLynn and Jack & Jill

Make over competition – where children will have the opportunity to make all the mammies out there even more beautiful. With Make up and a mirror provided, what can go wrong!

Ice-cream van will be there for the young and young at heart

Sheep Dog Trials – the most talented sheep dogs in the country can be seen working sheep in trials throughout the day

Enniscorthy Spinners will be having demonstrations throughout the day

Band ‘Last Orders’ will be playing in the evening from 7pm onwards

– Also Bouncy Castle, Cake Sale, Raffle, Auction and BBQ


Any help we can receive in the form of donations or prizes would be greatly appreciated.

If you can’t make it on the day, please support us on


Letter from Isaac


‘Hi my name is Isaac and I’m nearly 16 months old.  I was born with cCMV(congenital Cytomegalovirus).  CMV is a common virus that 8 out of 10 adults will have contracted by the time they are 40, for some there are no side effects, you might feel tired or have cold like symptoms.  My Mummy caught the virus at the beginning of her pregnancy with me.  She had no side effects, but when she went on a routine check-up, the doctors found that at 28weeks my head was measuring small.  At 34 weeks Mummy n Daddy were told that Mummy had caught CMV and that it had been passed onto me.  They were told that there would be a spectrum of outcomes, the lesser being no side effects with maybe some hearing or sight problems, the worst case scenario was I might be stillborn or die soon after birth.

I was born 10minutes after my due date, with a rash and looking very yellow (jaundice).  I was taken straight to the NICU.  They did many tests, from blood and urine tests to an MRI and lumber puncture, all in my first 2 weeks of life.  They did a hearing and sight test too. All the tests came back and Mummy and Daddy were told that I was deaf with sight problems and that my brain was very badly damaged, which meant that my life was going to be limited.  At 3 months old, we came to another hurdle, I was diagnosed with liver disease, which was caused from CMV, which may be the reason I don’t live as long as my brain would have me.

I’m 16 months and I can’t roll over or sit up by myself, I can’t crawl or talk.  There are many things I can’t do and may never do BUT I smile and laugh and have lots of fun with my Mum and Dad and my family and of course my nurses from Jack and Jill and Lauralynn.  Mummy and Daddy say that having nursing help with me, means that they get a little break, Mummy gets the house work done and sometimes takes a nap cause we might have been up all night.  I really like when they come because they take good care of me, they give me some of my medications and Mummy and Daddy are rest assured that if I was to have a seizure that the nurses would know exactly what to do.  Mummy says that every day is hard work as I’m not so good about drinking my milk or with sleeping and that I get crabby because my brain doesn’t do what it’s meant to…but when the nurses come Mummy can take a break from my crying.  Mummy and Daddy say that we are lucky because I could be a lot worse, they say there are lots of kids like me with life limiting conditions in Ireland, thousands actually and that hopefully the other kids Mums and Dads get some help from Jack and Jill and Lauralynn too.  Some kids can’t breathe by themselves, or are fed by tubes, some kids get really sick from just a little cold, other kids were born healthy and they got cancer which can’t be cured.  I’m asking that maybe you could help us all by giving a little to Jack and Jill and Lauralynn. It doesn’t have to be much but it sure will make a difference to us kids and our families.

We’d like to say a massive “thank you” to Roy and the entire Collier family for all the love and support.

And thank you in advance to all who have given time and funding, you have all made a difference!

Love Isaac x x x ‘


Schedule of Events for 1st August


6.30am-8.30am shearing

8.30am-9.30am break


9.30am-11.15am shearing

11.15am-11.45am break

BBQ 11.30am until late

11.45am-1.30pm shearing

Family entertainment from 12noon onwards

1.30pm-2.30pm break

2.30pm-4.15pm shear


4.15pm-4.45pm break


4.45pm-6.30pm shearing






Raffle and Auctions Items

  • 2 nights in a suite B&B, plus afternoon tea for 2 in the 5 Star Westbury Hotel
  • Signed Munster Rugby Jersey
  • Kenwood mixer (valued €500)
  • Casey Quarry voucher (€300)
  • Hand Crafted Dolls House
  • 1 night B&B plus dinner in the 4 Star Gibson Hotel, Dublin
  • Paintings by Phoebe Donovan and Bruce Copeland
  • Sheep skin rugs
  • Glen Fuels voucher (€100)
  • John Bass tyres voucher (€100)
  • Braun Iron (valued €100)
  • Kenwood hand mixer (valued €80)
  • 6 week Pilates course voucher Physio Solutions
  • Hampers from Wades, Lloyds and Grants pharmacy
  • voucher for sunday dinner for 2 at pooles restaurantAnd many many more…
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