Skydive for LauraLynn

Skydive for LauraLynn!

3 Jan


Why not take the challenge of a lifetime & sign up to that skydive for charity you always talked about…

We’re delighted to be charity partners with SkyDive Ireland.  They have a special offer where you raise a minimum of €480 & you will receive a reduced rate of €240 for your skydive (with the balance and all other proceeds to LauraLynn).

Reach this minimum fundraising target and you get to participate in a 10,000ft Tandem Freefall Skydive. The cost of your Skydive (€240) is deducted and the other €240 plus all additional funds is forwarded on to us.  Or you can donate 100% of the funds raised by paying for the skydive yourself directly at the reduced rate of €240.

Ok….What’s next?

Our 6 Steps to SkyDive!

  1. Register Online it’s €30 to book.
  2. SkyDive Ireland will post your special Fundraising Card to you.  If you need any other materials to assist your fundraising (e.g. a tshirt / posters /  stickers / balloons) please email
  3. You have approx 12 Weeks to complete all your fundraising. Check out our Top Tips & Ideas to help you get started.
  4. SkyDive Ireland require their #1 Payment of €120 to fully confirm the SkyDive & Jump Date within 4 weeks. They will email you your Booking Confirmation & Instructions.
  5. SkyDive Ireland require Payment #2 within 8 Weeks. This will cover the cost of your SkyDive any funds raised & submitted after this payment will be for LauraLynn. Please
  6. All charity funds are required within 12 weeks.  Please bring this with you on the day of your Skydive in a Draft/Cheque and made payable to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.


SkyDive Ireland will send on the funds to us on your behalf. You will receive a letter of thanks and & be issued with a receipt.


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