Our Health & Social Care Professionals work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic approach to care for children with life-limiting conditions and their families.

Clinical Psychology

Social Work



Nutrition and Dietetics

Occupational Therapy

Music Therapy

Play Therapy


Clinical Psychology

In LauraLynn our Clinical Psychologist uses clinical judgement to apply knowledge from the scientific discipline of clinical psychology to assess, treat and prevent psychological problems. They have a number of roles including direct work with families (assessing children and parents for psychological difficulties, making sense of those difficulties and providing evidence-based treatments), indirect work (training, consultation and supervision of staff), administration, management and research. Since 2011, LauraLynn has been a training site for Psychologists in Clinical Training attached to programmes in clinical psychology at UCD and Trinity College Dublin. Psychologists in Clinical Training work under the supervision of our Senior Clinical Psychologist.

  • Senior Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Aidan McKiernan, graduated with an honours degree in Psychology from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2003 and was awarded a PhD by UCD in 2008; the topic of his thesis focused on coping with serious illness. In 2011 he was awarded a PhD in Clinical Psychology by University of Limerick. He has experience of working in hospital and hospice settings across Ireland. He is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), former Council Member of PSI and former Chair of the PSI Division of Clinical Psychology. He has authored over 30 papers and presentations on topics including paediatric palliative care, psycho-oncology, relationship breakup and research methodology and he lectures on numerous third level academic programmes.

    Social Worker

    How can our Social Worker help?

    • Offering counselling and practical support to reduce family stress
    • Providing advice and guidance to cope with day to day issues
    • Liaising with other health professionals in other agencies
    • Delivering our Bereavement Support Programme with other members of our Multidisciplinary Team. As our designated liaison person with regard to Child Protection and Welfare

  • Social Worker

    Rosaleen Maguire, has a B.Soc Science from UCD and completed her post grad training at Exeter and Ulster Universities. Rosaleen has spent most of her professional life working with children and families at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, National Maternity Hospital, Coombe Women’s Hospital and Midland Health Board before she joined LauraLynn in 2008. In 1992 she took a leave of absence to work with the International Red Cross as a social worker with the Somalian Relief Operation.


    Our Chaplain offers Pastoral, Spiritual, Religious and Cultural Care to those who request it. Chaplaincy Services are available to you, irrespective of your religion, faith or none and respects the boundaries of those who do not wish to engage with its services. Our Chaplain works with other members of the Bereavement Team in supporting you and your family in managing your bereavement.

    How can our Chaplain help?

    • By spending time with you and listening to you non-judgmentally and bringing a sincere and compassionate presence to you
    • Providing pastoral support to the children, young people, their families, our staff and our volunteers
    • Visiting children and young people in hospital and offering support to your family before, during and after the death of your child
    • Develops and fosters pastoral relationships with individuals and groups in the community such as local clergy and church leaders
    • Organises and leads a range of Liturgical Services throughout the year, in particular the Annual Memorial Services

  • Chaplain

    Thomas Begley, is a former member of the Irish Dominicans and has worked at LauraLynn since 2000. He was appointed chaplain in 2004 and holds a Baccalaureate Batchelor of Divinity degree in Theology awarded by the Angelicum University in Rome. He has also trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and is a member of the National Association of Hospital Chaplains.


    Physiotherapy Team

    Our physiotherapy team work to provide the best possible care and quality of life for the children, young people and families using our services. We are particularly concerned with respiratory and posture care.  We assess and treat on an individual basis in consultation with families and other service providers as appropriate.  We are involved in sharing information and teaching skills in order to promote the goal of excellence in care.

    How can physiotherapy help?

    • 24 hour posture management programmes including seating and night-positioning systems, standing frames, etc.
    • Chest care to maximize respiratory function through assessment, positioning and active treatment
    • Training and support to families, staff and outside agencies
    • Follow-up with the child/young peron’s therapists in school and day service settings
    • Family support through initiatives like our Early Start, Sibling Support and activity groups.

  • Physiotherapy Manager

    Jo Fagan, graduated from the Mater School of Physiotherapy and U.C.D. in 1976. She has worked in acute hospitals, private clinics and rehabilitation centres in Ireland and Canada. Jo is a Certified People Handling Instructor Fetac/QQI Level 6. She joined the team at LauraLynn in 1997.

  • Senior Physiotherapist

    Ann Mills graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1983 and has worked in a variety of roles and settings over the years, primarily in community care, before coming to work at LauraLynn in 2008. She completed a Masters at UCD in 2000, a Certificate in Essential Palliative Care for Allied Health Professionals with Northern Ireland Hospice in 2009 and more recently a module on Pain and Symptom Management in Paediatric Palliative Care at TCD in 2011.

    Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Dietician

    Sarah Naughton graduated with a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics from DIT, Kevin St. and Trinity College Dublin. After initially working in the area of adult dietetics in the acute setting, Sarah became interested in paediatric nutrition and dietetics. She has specialized in recent years in the area of nutrition for the child with a disability and joined the LauraLynn team in 2009 and continues to work as a Senior Paediatric Dietician at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

    Occupational Therapy 

    Your child’s illness means that they experience barriers which prevent them from participating in everyday life.

    Our Occupational Therapist (OT) assess for difficulties that your child may be experiencing and provides interventions to enable quality of life. The OT plays a valuable role in maintaining normality for your child and family, facilitating routines and structure and continuing to promote age appropriate skill development despite their illness.

    The OT aims to support your child and the whole family in adapting to the diagnosis and treatment , encouraging meaningful activities, opportunities for self expression, relaxation and in addressing the sensory and  functional needs of your child.

    How can our OT help your child and family?

    • Address the functional needs of the child e.g. with regards any self care needs which may involve support with mobility, transfers bathing, dressing, transfers
    • Provide support and advice to enable everyday play/leisure activities, social interaction and quality of life
    • Education and liaison with other agencies and advise on the provision of adaptive equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, chairs, bathing aids) and in environmental adaptation.
    • Provision of holistic programs designed for the child, parent ,sibling and family as a whole which may include involvement in activity groups, Sibling Days and Family Camps
    • Training and support for families, staff and external agencies

  • Occupational Therapist

    Anna Brown joined LauraLynn in 2012.  She has a BSc Occupational Therapy from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2006.  Anna has worked with a range of different client groups, both adults and children and in varied settings including, brain injury, burn injuries, oncology and mental health disorders.  She most recently worked at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK. Anna has a special interest in working with children with life limiting conditions and is part of the Irish OT in Palliative Care committee.

    Music Therapy

    Our music therapist uses music in a flexible manner to respond to each child at their level and offer a secure, creative space for self expression, communication, empowerment and enjoyment.

    A child will either attend individual or group sessions depending on their individual needs. Parent’s participation and feedback during music therapy sessions are welcomed.

    How can it help?

      • Improves emotional well-being
      • Shows a child a way to express their feelings
      • Develops confidence and self esteem
      • Provides the opportunity to be in control, be heard and listened to
      • Helps manage pain and discomfort

  • Senior Music Therapist

    Dee Gray joined the multidisciplinary team at LauraLynn in 2012. She graduated from University of Limerick with an M.A. in music therapy. She has experience working as a senior music therapist with children in disability and medical settings. Dee has completed training courses including Development, Individual Differences, and Relationship (DIR) training. She has also completed study days at St Francis Hospice on bereavement support.

    Play Therapy

    Play therapy provides children with the opportunity to “play out” their thoughts, feelings, and any problems they may have in a non- directive and safe environment.

    Play Specialists are skilled in child development and can assist children and families with palliative care needs in many ways.

    How can it help?

      • Allows your child the chance to explore and express difficult feelings
      • Assists children to participate in recreational activities
      • Facilitates therapeutic play with siblings
      • Provides bereavement support to siblings

  • Play Therapist

    Michelle Hartnett joined LauraLynn in 2012. She graduated from University College Cork, with a BA in Early Childhood Studies and received a Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Bereavement Studies from The Royal College of Surgeons. She completed her Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy with The National University of Ireland. She is a Grief Consultant for bereaved children, awarded by the University of Middlesex.



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