Who can refer a child?



Who can Refer


We accept referrals from families or any medical or health care professionals involved with your family.  All our care is provided FREE to families.

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How to make a referral to LauraLynn

The person making the referral (“the referrer”) will need to be responsible for ensuring that parents/guardians and paediatrician complete and sign the form before it is returned to LauraLynn. The referral form must be completed in full before being returned to LauraLynn at the address below. Referrals cannot be accepted unless all sections are completed and signed. Incomplete forms will be returned to Referrer.

What happens once a referral has been made?

Once a referral has been received, the Referrals Panel will review the form and decide if it is a suitable referral. In some circumstances, a member of the care team here in LauraLynn may need to visit the child and family to gather more information, in order to make a fully informed decision. We may also seek further information from a relevant health care professional in order to make a fully informed decision.

A letter will be sent to the parents/guardians, referrer, paediatrician and GP informing them of the decision to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the referral.

All support offered is reviewed annually, so we can continue to offer the most appropriate care and ensure our resources are used fairly and in line with the needs of all the children and families using our service. 

LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice does not offer long term residential care for children. 

For further details please read our Referral Information Sheet and Helen & Douglas House Guide or contact us at referrals@lauralynn.ie / 01 289 3151.

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