Planning for end-of-life will give your family time to prepare not just for the practical issues which arise when a child dies, but to prepare mentally by talking things through and resolve any worries that you or your child may have.


What is End-of-Life Care?

Our End-of-life Care is offered to your child in the last few days and weeks of their life.  We aim to ensure maximum physical comfort for your child through the management of pain and other symptoms that they may have.  Additionally, we provide psychological, social, spiritual and bereavement support for the entire family during and after the death of your child.


What other supports do we offer?

At LauraLynn House, we have created a special place called the ‘Butterfly Suite‘.  This allows families to be near to their child following death.  It is a place where they can plan for the funeral and our team is available to give practical support if needed.  LauraLynn families, whose child dies in hospital or at home, can also use this special place for their child.

Family accommodation is also available to enable you to stay close and be with your child at this time.

You can find information on how to access our End-of-Life Care HERE


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