Victoria Edith Thompson was born on the 27th September 2011.

Perfect, pretty and pudgy, all was well.

The shock for us and agony for Victoria did not come until she was about 3 ½ months.

Crying turned to screaming and inside we were lost. Nothing we did helped and answers were few. Huge hurdles appeared in our lives, that you all can see as you read this.

At 5 months Victoria was labelled with a rare leukodystrophy. Her nerve endings had no insulation. In constant pain all of Victoria’s system was affected. The only definite answer was – Victoria would die.

Despair heightened for us as parents when we realised all of her care would fall to us alone, in rural Donegal. No nurses could be found at all to help us.

We never felt home care alone, was right for our little girl. When you are told your child will die, feeling abandoned to deal with it – is a common feeling.

For us, LauraLynn popped up in a mist of tears.

Our love for LauraLynn is absolute.


    • Serenity, calmness and beauty live there.
    • LauraLynn personnel just ‘get’ how it is for your child.
    • You child gets the care they deserve and their lives are filled with activities, and laughter. If your child cannot laugh, like Victoria, they are surrounded in love and happiness.
    • LauraLynn is a happy place. Trust me, this is good.

When should I think about going there? Today.

Why should you go? Coping with everything all the time is not easy. You are a great parent, but your child is life limited, it is ok to need help.

My child is very sick, is it really that good of care? Yes! All specialists on site, best nurses and carers anyone could ask for.

Can I stay with my child? Yip, there is even accommodation upstairs. Sleep remember that? You can get lots of it.

Can my family visit? Yes, but you can limit your visitors too.

Is it really free though? Yes. (There is a miniscule charge in the good restaurant.)

What will they help me with? They helped us with everything.

Will I be able to trust people there? Victoria would have suffered terribly without the staff we trusted so much.

Is it not just more professionals to deal with and hard work? There are more people, but they take the hard work from you, not add to it.

Is it not like a hospital?  No. It is beautiful.

Will I have to think about ‘the end’? No. If you need help to think about it, you have LauraLynn. You and your child will have the best possible care until the end and beyond.

 ‘The End, but it is not over.’

LauraLynn cradled Victoria safely in love until she died on the 27th June 2012.

Thanks to LauraLynn we can remember and talk about Victoria with a smile.

With LauraLynn -You are not alone anymore. is Victoria’s full journey.


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