Many parents wonder how they will carry on after the death of their child.  Every family’s experience is different and it can be a roller coaster of emotions.  Here at LauraLynn our Family Bereavement Programme is there to provide both formal and informal help and support to all children and families who are accessing our service.  Care begins at point of admission, continues throughout your child’s illness and beyond, where we provide follow-up support after the death of your child.


What our bereavement programme involves

Our skilled team of healthcare professionals, including Chaplaincy, Social Work, Psychology, Nursing and other members of the team provide our bereavement programme. The aim of the LauraLynn Bereavement Programme  is to provide and offer support to all family members who are challenged by significant loss; who are bereaved and who had/have a connection with the Service.


Our bereavement programme can benefit you and your family by:

  • Providing a safe space for families to explore their grief
  • Helping to reduce feelings of isolation by creating opportunities to meet with others who have shared experiences
  • Normalising the grief experience and help families to develop skills in processing and moving on in their grief and loss
  • Nurturing the resilience of families by helping to identify their own inner resources and coping strategies
  • Offering parents understanding and awareness of themselves and each other as they live through the journey of loss
  • Addressing issues of loss within different cultures
  • Providing information on local bereavement services if requested
  • Providing information on self-care skills and coping strategies


Our  programme of supports include:

Structured events

  • Time-To-Grieve programme for bereaved parents
  • Memorial Service
  • Grandparents morning
  • Wellness morning for bereaved mothers and female relatives
  • Autumn Memorial Family Walk and Picnic (September)
  • Summer golf outing for bereaved fathers
  • Coffee mornings for bereaved mothers
  • “Remembering in November” a week-long opportunity focusing on staff loss and bereavement
  • Debriefing session for staff after the death of a child
  • One-on-one or couples counselling
  • Home visits to bereaved families
  • Bereaved sibling groups
  • Attendance of staff at funerals
  • Sympathy card ministry to bereaved families
  • Light Up LauraLynn (Christmas) – guests are invited to place a Memory Star on the tree in memory of a bereaved loved-one

Unstructured events

  • Phone calls to bereaved parents
  • Informal visits to LauraLynn House and to Memorial Garden by bereaved parents
  • Months Mind/first year anniversary services lead by Chaplain on a request basis by families.

Further InformationThomas (Chaplain) T: 01 289 3151, Ext. 211.  E: thomas@lauralynn and you can meet Our Bereavement Team here

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