Face 2 Face Fundraising

Face 2 Face fundraising is one of the best ways for us to raise awareness and reach more people who would like to help us provide vital hospice care for children.

LauraLynn is Ireland’s only children’s hospice and we need to raise €4.3 million annually to keep our hospice open. Generating regular income helps us do this in a planned and more efficient way. We will be partnering with C3 with this campaign and they have worked successfully with both commercial and other charities.

The following FAQ should answer any questions about our Face 2 Face fundraising you have but please contact us on 01 289 3151 or fundraising@lauralynn.ie if you require any further information. 


Our Locations

You can see where our team are working on our behalf HERE


How can I be sure the person at my door is a legitimate fundraiser?

Fundraisers will work between the hours of 12pm and 8.30pm approx, Monday to Saturday.  LauraLynn Fundraisers will carry an ID badge with them at all times.

They will be wearing branded LauraLynn jackets and will have copies of LauraLynn information leaflets to hand. They will be happy to explain the vital care that LauraLynn provides and answer any questions that you might have.

If you are still concerned please feel free to contact us and put your mind at ease. Call 01 2893151 and ask for Pauline or any member of the Fundraising Team.


How are monthly donations used?

Your donation will go towards providing hospice care FREE to families.This includes:

Short Stay breaks: Planned and unplanned breaks for the child and family ranging from a couple of hours in the family home to several nights at LauraLynn House in Leopardstown, our purpose-built hospice building.

Family Supports: Programmes that allow families to be together as a family unit, to have fun together, to meet other families in similar circumstances, and support them along their journey.

End of Life Care: Care can be availed of in the hospice in Leopardstown, at hospital, in the community, or in the family home, depending on the family’s preference

Bereavement Supports: Services to support the entire family in their experience of loss.


Can I make a cash donation at the door?

Our Fundraisers only ask for regular gifts via direct debit and are not authorised to accept one-off cash gifts. If you would like to make a once off donation, please click here or give any member of our Fundraising Team a call on 01 2893151.


Are my personal details and banking details safe? 

Please be assured that when C3 are sharing data with LauraLynn, it is done securely and is encrypted so your details are 100% safe and secure.


Why does LauraLynn need to partner with an outside company to raise funds?

We would need to recruit and train many more staff to operate our Face 2 Face Fundraising Campaign, incurring high costs and using valuable resources. By partnering with a company like C3, we know it will be more cost effective and we will be drawing on their expertise gained over many years in many different countries.

Who should I contact if I want to cancel or amend the donation amount on my direct debit?

You can contact a member of our Fundraising Team directly on 01 289 3151 to cancel or reduce your direct debit amount.


Thank you for your support and we welcome any feedback you may have – email us on fundraising@lauralynn.ie

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