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What an experience I had on Monday!

My Facebook post yesterday summed it all up:


I finished the Dublin City Marathon in 8 hours and 40 minutes 🙂

I was hoping to do it in around 7 hours however I pulled a muscle around my hip area @ the 7 miles mark in the Phoenix Park and was in a lot of pain for the rest of the course…..but I finished it and would like to say ‘a big thank you‘ to those who made this a reality:

To all those who sponsored me – this made it worthwhile!
To the …MC guy who made me laugh crossing the START line;
To all the crowds cheering us on in City Centre;
To ‘Eamon’ home from England to do the marathon, who kept me company through the Phoenix Park and high-fived me on every Mile Marker..
To every single person who nodded their head, wished me luck, praised me and that beeped the horn during the time where I was going at a snail pace and limping….  🙁

To LauraLynn for being such a worthy cause – this cause kept me putting one foot in front of the other…

To the man @ mile 16 that said “Ah why don’t you just pack it in!!” – YOU really spurned me on!!
To my fantastic brother Mike and his great wife Aileen and little Rian and Donagh, who met me at Foster’s Avenue with a cup of tea and then stayed with me all the way to the finish….
To Rian and Donagh for thinking I was winning the race!!!!
Thanks to God for giving me a 2nd wind at Ballsbridge and helping me walk faster than I have ever walked pain free..
To the welcoming Airtricity party at the finish line with my medal and t-shirt.
And finally, I want to thank the 5 soldiers that walked the course with 66kg weight on their back for Pieta House Suicide Prevention – whom I met on different occasions around the course – they kept my spirits up and what an achievement for them to complete the 26.2miles – fair play 🙂


Mairead Running for LauraLynn
Mairead Running for LauraLynn


Money is still coming in ….!

I have transferred all the money I raised off-line and put it through on-line on my VISA card ; therefore €660 gone over to ye already.  I estimate I will raise approx €800 – which I am delighted to give to the LauraLynn worthy cause.




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Team LauraLynn Dublin City Marathon
Team LauraLynn Dublin City Marathon


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