Children’s Hospice Week focuses on the incredible little heroes, those children with a life limiting condition and their families, cared for by LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

LauraLynn focuses on how a child can live with their condition, providing support for the wider family who are often under immense physical, emotional and financial pressure. We support the whole family and focus on the quality of the child’s life helping them to make the most of their short and precious lives.

Help a family like Finn's

Finn’s Story

Finn is two years old. He has a neurological condition called Lissencephaly. When he was born Finn’s parents were told that two years was the average life expectancy for children living with Lissencephaly.

Of course, like any parent, Deirdre and Tristan are hoping for more... much more.

Everyone needs a break and with Finn’s complex medical needs it’s not just anybody who can step in. Taking care of Finn takes medical expertise and training. Help LauraLynn step in when no-one else can.

Help a family like Finn’s make the most of their child’s short and precious life.

Your gift today could help give families like Finn’s the support they need to enjoy time together as a family.

No one can tell Finn's parents how long they have with Finn. But your gift can help them make the most of every day.

“Peace of mind is one of the greatest gifts you can have, because he’s on your mind constantly. When LauraLynn steps in we know they’re equipped to take care of Finn. They’ve seen it all before. You couldn’t find a better team to help; it’s a great gift.”

Finn’s Dad Tristan
All funds donated go to our Care Fund which supports the full range of LauraLynn’s services