7 min Video demonstrates step by step on how supereasy it is to make your Will online.

LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice has partnered with www.lawonline.ie to offer you a free online Will-writing service. This is a service where you can draft a wide range of legal documents online include your Will.

Even better, having made your Will, you can also have the reassurance of having it reviewed by one of LawOnline’s solicitors at an additional fee of €100 or just €35 for amending an existing Will.

How it Works

  1. Contact Pauline in our office on 01 2893151 or E: paulinem@lauralynn.ie
  2. She will send you a Legacy Pack, which includes your voucher code and some useful tips and information.
  3. Visit www.lawonline.ie and click on ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’. on the Home page.
  4. A comprehensive list of documents are displayed on the left, and you can choose the options a. Making a Will or b. Amending a Will
  5. Select either a. FREE digital option or b. Will with Solicitor Review.
  6. Enter your ‘Voucher Code’ and check out.
  7. You will be taken step by step through drafting your document by answering a series of questions.  Simultaneously, you will be able to view the text of your Will being created in the adjacent panel of your screen.
  8. You can save it at any time and log back in to complete later.
  9. You can also select an option to have it reviewed by LawOnLine’s solicitor.  This additional fee ranges from €35 – €100 depending on the type of Will document you are drafting.

*You don’t have to include a charity in your Will, but should you choose to do so, remember it will be completely free of inheritance tax.  

Various Will Options

These are the various links to information and the various options of Wills which you can make:

Amending a Will

* Please note €100 is the fee for having a new Will reviewed, however other legal documents range from €35 – €100 for a review.

Useful Resources & How-to Tools

Here are some direct links to help guides to information on making your Will.

Law guides

‘Making and amending a Will’

‘Legacy giving’

How-to videos

‘How to draft your Will using LawOnline’

‘How to make a legacy gift to an Irish charity by codicil’

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