Help us bring LauraLynn to a Child’s Home

This year we will pilot LauraLynn@HOME – an in-home respite care programme for families with children who are living with a life-limiting condition.

When a child is very sick, parents often take on the role of primary carer.  Where possible, many parents would wish to care for their child at home with the support of trained carer’s.  In some cases, a family may struggle with limitations in driving long distances with their critically ill child to attend our hospice in Dublin.  Unfortunately, accessing care at home in Ireland is challenging.

Every family should be offered a range of regular and reliable respite, both in the home and away from home.  Your support can help make this happen.


LauraLynn@HOME will enable us to provide:

  • Respite, symptom control, transitional, crisis and end-of-life care to children with life-limiting conditions
  • Home visits from experienced children’s nurses and healthcare assistants will provide hands on care in the home
  • Additional visits from Health & Social Care Professionals such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Allow parents to have time to be a Mum & Dad rather than a full time carer, knowing their sick child is fully supported


The development of LauraLynn@HOME was launched June 2014, with  two teams of nurses delivering care 2 locations. This programme is currently piloting in 2 regions and our hope is that it will extend to other areas.

Sadly, we cannot cure the children in our care, but our LauraLynn@HOME programme will enable all families who need our service to access them.


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