Please Support our Sibling Camps

As part of our family support programmes, we run Sibling Support Camps during the traditional school holiday periods.  This support is available to all siblings of children in our care and for those who have sadly lost a brother or sister.

Frequently, siblings of children with complex care needs can be unintentionally overlooked.  When siblings are included and supported, it is far more likely that they will adjust easier to a difficult situation.  This will help to improve their quality of life for the whole family, keeping them together during very difficult times.

By sponsoring one of our Sibling Camps you will help us bring this wonderful and much needed programme to more children across Ireland.


The development of Sibling Support will

  • Provide an opportunity for siblings to have fun in a safe, caring environment
  • Provide a range of activities that are new, challenging and encourage self-expression
  • Give siblings the chance to meet and form friendships with others, thus enhancing the understanding that they are not alone in their situation
  • Promote a sense of self- worth and confidence
  • Enable these children to briefly escape their home environment of care and responsibility and to just be carefree children



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