At last, a lifeline for our Dara – by Celine Naughton

Two-year-old Dara MacIonraic loves his new home from home, particularly the playground with its specially designed swing which can accommodate buggies and wheelchairs.

Dara can’t speak, he’s got a tracheostomy tube to help him breathe and another tube to pump food directly into his stomach, but his smile lets everyone know when he’s having fun.

Today he’s doing arts and crafts indoors with two other little boys and later he’ll watch his favourite Pingu DVD in the leisure area where even the walls have brightly coloured shapes to pull, push, press, squeak and twist.

This is LauraLynn House, Ireland’s first hospice for children and their families, at the Children’s Sunshine Home in Leopardstown, Co Dublin.

Dara was one of the first children to move in last week and his mother Deirdre says it’s a lifeline.

Read more of Dara’s story here.

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