LauraLynn remembers 1916

18 Apr

Dr Ella Webb, paediatrician was awarded an MBE in 1918 for her bravery for her work with St John’s Ambulance during 1916 Rising. 

She oversaw many of the auxiliary hospitals, where she cycled throughout the city treating the wounded from all sides of the conflict.  This included innocent civilians and young children who were wounded and killed by bullets in the crossfire.

In 1925, having secured an anonymous donation of £5,000 she set up the ‘‘Children’s Sunshine Home’.  This is where children from the tenements could receive good nutrition and care while recuperating from illnesses such as rickets which were rampant at the time.   It was located on a site in Leopardstown which was donated by the Overend sisters.

The Children’s Sunshine Home has responded to the evolving needs of very ill children over the decades since 1925.  It was very fitting that 86 years later in 2011 the LauraLynn House  was built on the same site where Dr Webb opened her residential  home (CSH).

We applaud the wonderful women who have played such a significant role in working to meet the needs of very ill children.   As a nation, we are indebted to Dr Webb, the Overend sisters and more recently Jane McKenna

View our short history of Dr Ella Webb here.

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