Meet Dee and see how she is making musical memories

29 Jun

“I feel really privileged and humbled to be part of a family’s final journey with their child.”

Dee is our music therapist at LauraLynn. What that means is that she uses music as a way to help seriously ill children express their feelings through song and music. Hearing is one of the last senses to go before death, so we know that this is the best way to stimulate and communicate with really ill children.

“Music can be nonverbal and is a nonthreatening way for children who are too nervous to express themselves. In some cases the children we support have significant physical and communication problems. They maybe able to do very little apart from using basic functions like breathing. We work through improvisation, such as using a violin to copy their breathing patterns. This is the ‘sound’ we use to communicate and engage with them.”

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