The health & well-being of our children and families is our priority

Research activity is actively managed to ensure that any research taking place has minimal impact on families/children and the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Our research projects illustrate the:

  • broad range of areas studied
  • range of research methods adopted
  • partnerships that we have with universities and palliative care organisations in Ireland.

LauraLynn actively participates in collaborative research with clinical and academic colleagues in a number of national studies, all of which are aimed at improving knowledge and understanding around key issues in children’s palliative care in Ireland.

We are keen to share our findings with the wider healthcare community and aim to have publications across a broad range of journals in the clinical education, intellectual disability, and children’s palliative care disciplines.  We also present at conferences and submit research posters to national and international conferences.


Currently underway in LauraLynn:

  • Parental decisions around end-of-life care locations for their child – a Grounded Theory Study – Claire Quinn – Doctoral study – End of Life Observatory, Lancaster University, UK
  • An Evaluation of the HSE/IHF Children’s Palliative Care Programme (CONs, Consultant and Education initiatives)-  Reaper-Reynolds, Foley, Boland, Quinn, O’Brien, Insights Health and Social Research
    Start date of the study: June 2013
    Expected end date: May 2016
  • Mothers’ experiences of ‘giving medicines’ to children with complex needs- Carmel Doyle, Doctoral Study – TCD
    Start date of the study: October 2014
  • Learn from me DVDtraining resource for staff working in paediatric palliative /complex care or community care – Quinn & Balfe



  • Evaluating a Pilot Paediatric Hospice-at-home Service: a literature review – March 2016. Hillis, R., Ling, H., Quinn , C., & Brenner, M. Published in the International Journal of Palliative Nursing
  • Developing a Competency assessment tool in CPC (LauraLynn and nationally) – C. Quinn, B. Ritchie, J. Ellis.  Submitted for publication 2016
  • LauraLynn Children’s Hospice: Respite, family functioning & parental coping – 2015 McKiernan, A., O’Keeffe, L., Quinn, C., Butler, E., Guerin, S. & Carr, A
  • Development of National Proposal: The Education and Professional Development requirements for the role of Children’s Outreach Nurse and Children’s Palliative Care Nurse – (2015).  Developed by: Sharon Foley IHF & Clare Quinn LauraLynn/ NUIG, for the National Development Committee for Children’s Palliative Care Status: Final as sent to Mr. M. Shannon Office, ONMS
  • LauraLynn House Hospice Service Review – (2015) Sandra Mc Carthy, Claire Quinn
  • Findings from a Children’s Palliative Care Learning Needs Survey: LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice   C. Quinn, R. Hillis and C. Tracey.  Article published in the International Journal of Palliative Nursing December 2015
  • Findings from an Intellectual Disability Clinical Learning Needs Survey: LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice – (2013)  L. Neary, C. Quinn, R. Hillis and C. Tracey

LauraLynn is collaborating with various research projects through several universities including TCD, UCD, RCPI, DCU and Lancaster University, UK:

  • Children’s Palliative Care Programme Evaluation Steering Group- LauraLynn, HSE, NDC and IHF – 2014 – 2016
  • National Delphi Study to identify Research priorities in Irish Children’s Palliative Care – Claire Quinn, Sandra Mc Carthy, Dr. Mary Devins, Dr. Maeve O’Reilly, Dr. Marie Twomey, Dr. Julie Ling, Daniela Rohde.
    Completed November 2015.  For publication 2016
  • An exploration of access, decision making and experiences of palliative care services for families of children with Non Malignant Life Limiting Illness – Fiona Hurley (DCU PhD student), Dr. Suzanne Guerin, Dr. Honor Nichol, Prof. Philip Larkin, Claire Quinn- Structured Research Network AIIHPC –
  • Start date of the study: November 2011 (design phase)
    Expected end date: Approx November 2017
  • A review of incidence of hospital child death – Claire Quinn, Dr. Mary Devins, Dr. Joanne Balfe, Irish Hospice Foundation, Dympna Cawley, Dr. Maeve O’Reilly, Jack & Jill Foundation Start date of Discussion Group: May 2015
  • Exploring the development of a HSE Hospice at Home Service for Children with Life Limiting Conditions – HSE, Irish Hospice Foundation, Claire Quinn, Jack & Jill Foundation, Milford Care Centre
    Start date of the study: January 2015
    Expected end date: January 2016


  • Reflections on the Provision of Community Palliative Care for Terminally Ill Children in Ireland (2012) Nursing Children and Young People, 24(9) p25-28.  Quinn, C
  • Respite services for children with life limiting conditions and their families in Ireland – A National Needs Assessment (2013)  Ling, Quinn, and Murray. LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and The Irish Hospice Foundation
  • Children with Life-Limiting Conditions: Establishing Accurate Prevalence Figures (2015) –  Ling, O’Reilly, Quinn, Devins, Balfe, Quinn – HSE National Development Committee for Children’s Palliative Care- Findings suggest that there are 3840 children in Ireland living with a life-limiting condition.
  • Findings from a Children’s Palliative Care Clinical Learning Needs Survey: LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, (2015) International Journal of Palliative Nursing. Quinn, C
  • Hospice at Home care for children – strengths and weaknesses(2016) review of the literature. Hillis, Quinn, Ling and Brenner.
  • Five years on- How has the First Irish policy for Children’s Palliative Care made a Difference?Quinn, Foley and Reaper -Reynolds. (2016 In press)
  • Family and healthcare professionals perceptions of a pilot hospice at home programme for children: a qualitative study’, Brenner, Quinn and Connolly, Palliative Medicine (2016 in press)
  • Children’s Hospice International 11th Annual Conference Washington, USA. 2 Platform presentations – 2012 – ‘Caring for Irish children at the end of life: the views of Community Palliative Nurses’ and ‘Paeditric Palliative Care in Ireland today?’
  • 1st Children’s Palliative Care Conference IRELAND: Connecting Home, Hospital & Hospice. A Multidisciplinary International Conference Dublin- 2013, ‘360 through Children’s Palliative care Quinn, Claire
  • 43rd Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Sligo, November 7th – 9th November 2013 – LauraLynn Children’s Hospice: Study of families’ experiences of respite care, parental coping and family functioning.  McKiernan, A, Quinn, C, Tracey, C, Hillis, R & Carr, A
  • 2nd Congress on Paediatric Palliative Care: a Global Gathering, Rome, 19-21 November 2014   Seeking Excellence: A Baseline Study of the Clinical Learning Requirements of Staff within Laura Lynn Ireland´s First Children´s Hospice. Quinn, Claire 
  • 2nd Congress on Paediatric Palliative Care: a Global Gathering, Rome, 19-21 November 2014  An exploration of Medical Student´s Understanding of Paediatric Palliative Care and the Educational Value of a Short Teaching Programme in a Children’s Hospice. Balfe, Joanne
  • 5th International Nursing and Midwifery Conference, NUI Galway 30/4/15.  A Rainbow of Learning Requirements- findings from a survey of health care professionals working at Irelands Children’s Hospice  Quinn, Claire
  • 45th Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Galway, November 11th-14th 2015. Children’s Hospice: Respite, family functioning & parental copingMcKiernan, A., O’Keeffe, L., Quinn, C., Butler, E., Guerin, S. & Carr, A

 Conference Posters                                     

  • Music, Movement and Sensory Group Therapy: An Interdisciplinary Initiative in Children’s Palliative Care: Lessons Learned – research poster by D. Gray, Music Therapist, K. McLaverty, Clinical Services Manager and A. Brown, Occupational Therapist, LauraLynn.
  • The Concept of Comfort in the Paediatric Hospice Setting – Research poster by Nicola Jordan, CNM LauraLynn & Niamh McEnerney, Practice Dev Nurse LauraLynn.  European Association of Palliative Care Congress, Prague, May 2013
  • Children with exceptional healthcare needs: “personhood” and moral standing in community – research poster by Dr. J. Balfe, Adelaide and Meath Hospital incorporating the National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24, and LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health meeting in Glasgow, June 2013.  Abstract published in Archives of Diseases in Childhood Vol. 98:A53-A54, 2013 (Autumn/Winter supplement)
  • The Drive to Help: Kate’s Story and the utilisation of Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion to maintain a child comfortably at home at the end of life – research poster by C. Quinn, Head of Clinical Education & Research, LauraLynn


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