Thank you so much for your very kind donation.

Thank you!  Our heartfelt thanks for your kind gift!  It is only with support just like yours

that we are able to continue to provide hospice care to some of the most sick and

vulnerable children in Ireland.  Your donation will be used to support the whole family

throughout their journey with their sick child; from diagnosis right through to bereavement.

With your help we can be there to help and support them for as long as they need it.


Thank you for helping us make the most of short & precious lives


Sarah Meagher | Head of Fundraising

T: 2893151  E:  RCN: 2015 4844

P.s –  If you are a taxpayer and have donated 250 or more in any one year, we can seek a refund from Revenue at NO COST to you.  With your signature, we can almost double the donation that you have ALREADY given. 

For a simple guide on how the charity scheme works. See Here   Download the form Here

(Please let us know if you would prefer us to send you the form and information by post).


Together we are making the most of short and precious lives



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